Lost City

by Rabbit Rabbit Radio

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We live in Woods Hole, MA, the hub of ocean science in the U.S. Everyone in this town has stories of the ocean's immensity and power... and of its desperation in the face of industry and climate change. With these songs, we paint a portrait of our collective complicated relationship with the ocean.

Natalia Molchanova was the world's best free diver. She disappeared during a dive off the coast of Spain last August. Her body was never recovered. Perhaps she simply kept swimming. Perhaps she is swimming still, in and out of the worlds waterways. Her fictionalized voice is our guide through these songs.

We'll add songs as we write them... one of the 1st of every month. The entire piece will premiere in 2017 as part of an evening length performance funded by a grant from University of Southern California... and by our subscribers.

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released January 1, 2016

Carla Kihlstedt: Voice, Violin, Innumerable Instruments
Matthias Bossi: Voice, Piano, Drums, Programming
Jeremy Flower: Guitar, Beats, Countless Broken Items
Jon Evans: Bass, Guitar, Steering the Boat, Fishing, Fixing Shit



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Rabbit Rabbit Radio Falmouth, Massachusetts

Rabbit Rabbit Radio is the song-spinning duo of Carla Kihlstedt and Matthias Bossi. Collectively, they are founding members of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Tin Hat, 2 Foot Yard, Causing a Tiger, The Book of Knots, and Fred Frith’s Cosa Brava.

Drawing on their love of both art & folk song, industrial & improvised music and heart-wrenching balladry, their songs are raw, beautiful, sparse and rich.
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Track Name: The Blue Abyss
I lost my body in the waves.
A vacuum, quiet...
The blue, blue abyss.

Touching the secret,
I'm going in.

Remember I am made of light.
The depth reveals a breath.

Time pours into me.
Track Name: Nanomia Cara
I keep my falling quiet,
I keep my falling free.
The blue grows dark and thick,
The blue grows over me.

Cara, Cara
Nanomia Cara
Cara iluminada
Mi vanidad se disuelve.

The lights surround me,
The flickering love, the beckoning light.
I'm a drop of water in this starry night.

Cara, Cara
Nanomia Cara.
Cara iluminada,
Mi vanidad se disuelve.

Dissolve, dissolve...
The flickering love.
Dissolve, dissolve...
Mi gustaria encontrarme a mi misma.
Track Name: The Ghost King

All these things we've made...
All these things we've taken...

We make and take and hunt for him.

He sends them up and spins them
'round and 'round and 'round...

So beautiful...
Track Name: Tether

Her voice floated in like a sliver of the dawn.
On the back of a ghost freighter.
Slave trader, heart breaker, undertaker, matchmaker.

Mother, I followed your voice.
I had no choice.
Mother, it seems the only way to find you now is to cast out a line.
I'm doing fine, drifting along without you.

I know to you it seems I've gone,
Like I've abandoned you and everyone.
But please, my son, know, finally I'm everywhere I ever want to be.

This tether leads to you and only you.
Don't let go.
This diver's heart will shatter as it rises.
Don't pull me in.

Don't let go.

Don't pull me in, but don't let go...
Track Name: Black Inscription
Claim, Reject, Reclaim, Repulse.

She sings her love song backwards.
She sings to anyone.
She sings to you and to me.

Where the rock meets the sea, her black inscription lies:
Your life an intricate blindness, your death a clear-eyed purpose.

Lick me like a love-starved hound.

She sings her love song backwards.
The crush of water, the weight of time.

Swallow the shore again and again.

She will render you.
She will render me.

Surrender! Surrender to me!

She sings her love song backwards.
Track Name: The Beautiful Math Of Coral

I feel the moon full and low.
My swollen body aches.
She pulls from me, hope and sorrow and joy.

She draws the most beautiful lines with them.
She draws the most beautiful lines, intertwining.

This math edudes your logic.
This logic defies your perfect lie.
This tender geometry brings Euclid to his knees.

I am where the point meets the line -
infinity spills over.
I am where logic and love collide,
and spin out forever.

Selfish savior, I'll staunch the flood.
Selfish savior, I'll stem the tide.
Track Name: Water Is My Blood
Weightless, oh my lover.
Let me take you...
Slip away.

Wrap around me.
Veins of my limbs,

Oh, my treasure,
You wind the world

Ride my heartbeat.
One thousand years,
Back to me.

Oh, let me take you home.

I'll deliver you.
Water is my blood.

I'll carry you home.
Water is my blood.

Surrender to me.
Surrender to me.

I'll carry you home.
Track Name: Refuge
It comes from all around.

It comes from all around.
It enters through the spine, the skin, the flesh,
through the water, through the waves.
I am water, I am waves, I am inside, I am out.

The ears feel, and the eyes taste.
The body hears with every cell.
It comes from all around.

I seek refuge.

There is no way to draw a line here.
Your pen, it blackens and it bleeds.

It comes from all around.

It comes from all around.
You’ve won the war with your eyes closed.
You’ve won the war blindfolded and backwards.
But a real fighter has love in his heart.
A real fighter cannot ever win.
And a real soldier knows his foe, but you have never seen.
A real war is fought for valor, and yours, for hollow blight.
A real warrior sings at night of love and loss and sacrifice.

There is no way to draw a line here.
Your pen, it blackens and it bleeds.

I seek refuge.
Track Name: Whale Fall
No pilot, no anchor
no rudder, no flag.

Sailing blind.
Guide me, bring me home.

I am an edifice.
Unbind me.

Putrify me.
Purify and prepare me.

Disappear me.
Resurrect me.

Bathe me in brine.
Clothe me in Osedax grass.

No hunger, no mission
No passion, no voice.

Unbind me
Break me down.
Colonize these bones.

Lipid, sugar, sulfide, carbon.
Now I feed the hunted.
Track Name: Echo and Narcissus
Float on the surface.
Let go your heavy head.

Cup your cup soft hands and drink.

Cleanse yourself.
Clear your fitful mind.

Quench your desperate thirst.

Gaze at the water.
This love was never yours.

Narcissus, pine, pine away.

Part the sea. Part the blood red sea

Wade on in.
Let it fold around you.

I am looking at the spring.
My ears are deaf to everything.
Echo, Echo.

My bones will turn to stone
and still I wait for you.

Echo, Echo.
Track Name: Saline Dreams
Wave to the pretty girls who usher in the cars.
Lift up your legs.
Count the strokes on your front and on your back.
One last swim before the daunting cold.

This is you most like yourself.
Here is what you know by heart.

Wave to the lady with the salt-happy dog.
Ignore the cold.

Here is where you come together.
This is where you fall apart
While we watch from the shore and wave.

Lay down your head.
Graceful and clear.

Smile at the laughing gull.
Pour your thoughts into the brine.